Who We Are

We are La10cy from Sweden and we offer a unique software solution for simultaneous audio and video communication over the internet. 

Allow us to introduce our groundbreaking communication protocol, carefully designed from the ground up. It is not only unhackable but also offers users the world’s

lowest latency with undisputed sound and video quality.

We are driven by our core values Availability, Democratization, Flow and Integrity. 

We only use our own developed code, never guess, take short-cuts or risks. 

When you experience ultra-low latency, you´ll reach a new level of virtual consciousness! 

Sales contact: Pontus Wicksell, MD. +46(0)70-217 85 97 or pontus@la10cy.se

What is La10cy?

Technically, latency is the time from when an event occurs to when we notice it. Simply put, latency can be most easily translated as a delay. 

In the context of sound, latency means that the longer the distance between two people talking, the longer it takes for sound to reach its destination. This means that somewhere beyond perhaps 15-20 meters apart, issues begin to arise. If you are singing or playing music together, the distance needs to be very short. 

When talking on a mobile phone, the delay can make the conversation feel somewhat rigid, like standing on opposite sides of a soccer field and shouting at each other. Modern conferencing solutions. Have such high latency that conversations often become disrupted with people talking over each other or experiencing strange pauses. 

Our Technology

We have developed software that efficiently utilizes the hardware in your computer to convert audio into our unique method of internet communication, transmitting sound from one person's microphone to the other person's headphones. 

The software is not dependent on high band-with and optimizes and adapts the connection to ensure the best possible audio quality and minimal latency for your specific call. Under optimal conditions, our solution actually delivers sound faster than if you were standing at opposite ends of a typical conference room and talking as usual. You´ll literally feel like you´re in the same room over the internet. The software works both LAN-wired, over WiFi or mobile and its both hardware agnostic and runs on multiple OS´s. It even works on stand-alone hardware or non-OS systems, like wearables.

Our solution values your integrity and allows the users to find each other through a server, which then establishes a direct P2P connection between the parties and removes connection information from the server. No personal or communication related data is stored or shared with anyone. 

Moreover, the software is not only unhackable. We also offer a new type of encryption method which offers absolute privacy that classifies as secure communication over the internet - Red VoIP.

La10cy Connect

La10cy connect is our original product, designed for communication with unparalleled ultra-low latency. If you are part of a music band spread across different cities and wish to rehearse, La10cy Connect makes it possible with extraordinary sound quality and world-leading low latency. La10cy Connect is not for a specific purpose, it's an overall software for communication among users during various activities, including online gaming, social interactions with friends and family, as well as sharing music over the internet. It offers the unique experience of conversing as if you were sitting around the same table, with world-class audio quality that surpasses ordinary phone calls or internet meetings.


For premium and enterprise customers, we offer a specialized self-owned server that enables features like file sharing, chat, advanced user management, statistics and recording.

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The Team

We are eight co-owners and founders that run the business. We host a widespread set of competencies and backgrounds.

Tobias Bunne

Head of the Board and responsible for investor relations, legal and economy. Musician, Sustainability expert and Board professional. MBA in Economics. 

Contact: tobias@la10cy.se

Pontus Wicksell

Managing Director and responsible for sales and marketing. 

Movie and media producer. Expert on camera-, audio-, and frame technology. 

Sales contact: +46(0)70-217 85 97 or pontus@la10cy.se

The Developers

Per Sundin – Head of Innovation and solutions. System architect, programmer, hacker with a profound background in secure platforms.

Bengt Hammarlin – Head of Development and projects. Project management, programmer, hacker with a high sense of repository design.

The Advisory Board

Marcus Rösth - PhD with profound R&D-background. Expert in AI, UX/CX and HMI.

Jonatan Bunne - Engineer in electronics. Encryption expert and sales management.

Hans-Eric von Rosen - Sr ICT Advisor, one of Sweden's most experienced and awarded in Cyber security and Defence. 

Anders Hansson - Senior investor and experienced in international relations and business.

Partners and references

Martin Askne, Propell - Start-up coach and finance advisor.

Oliver Bunne and Alexander Eriksson - Marketing, Social media and web management.

Johan Wickenberg, Movexum. Start-up coach. La10cy is an Alumni member of Movexum Incubator and previous Excellent Incubator awarded start-up. .

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